Funded! Thank you!

Funded! My thanks to the folks who supported this project.

Next up is sending out the surveys and the selecting the 10 projects for development, then working up the designs and posting them.

Currently it looks as if designs will get posted to a couple of places in a couple of different ways:

  • Here — each design will have a page here which will list the links for the various aspects of each design, instruction and commentary
  • Thingiverse — the OpenSCAD files will be posted here, with customization enabled so that folks can adjust designs without having to install OpenSCAD
  • Cutrocket — Carbide Create files will be posted here of specific design implementations
  • Other ways as they are worked up

Please comment on the site at if you haven’t already with your suggestion for a project and we’ll work up a survey and get this all underway!

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